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Amsoil prides itself on manufacturing the highest quality synthetic lubricants on the market. Since 1972, Amsoil synthetic motor oil have outperformed the cometion, and the company has introduced a wide range of industry "first" including the introduction of extended drain intervals,the first synthetic motor oils, gear lube and automatic transmission fluids for automotive use and first 100-1 pre-mix synthetic 2 cycile oil. Today, AMSOIL strives to stay current with modern technology to continually stay ahead of the competition and offer second-to-none engine protection and performance to extended equipment life and extended drain intervals.

Dan, as part of this great tean , was born and raised in the Ottawa Valley and work more than 40 years in the Mechanical and Automove Engineering field. Over this period of time, Dan has aerned a number of cerifcation , and dergress in the follwing fields, MM , M.FF , P. mgr. , P. Eng., F. CIM , CET.Industrial Instrumentation Techology and Automove and Industrial Machinist..Dan is the ONLY one, with this alll round experience on the internet to help in all your needs.

With this experience behind him and more spare time to build his Amsoil Business. Dan , has worked with his present and future clients to find the " Best Solutions, With The Exact Products ." through out Canada and USA .Feel free to explore his web site and if you have any questions or you can find it on this site countact us.

Our slogan " Best Solutions, With The Exact Products " is the foundation to our Mission Statement and how I run all my Amsoil Business . Please take some time to review this link and my Testimonial link..

Within my group we have number of bilingual Amsoil Dealers with a strong understanding of all Amsoil Products to assist all who need their help. Just go to Find a Dealer for more information.With more than 30 years of experience dealing with Amsoil and two web site to select from, I know you find what you looking for . Feel free to Contact us if you can't find what you are looking for.

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